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Two Generals was published on October 26th, 2010 by venerable Canadian literary publisher McClelland & Stewart as their first foray into graphic literature. It quickly became a favourite in Canadian high school and university classrooms, was nominated for two Eisner Awards, and routinely appears on lists of great Canadian non-fiction books, especially around Remembrance Day.

The book follows my own grandfather, Lt. R. Law Chantler, and his best friend Lt. Jack Chrysler, two junior officers of the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, from March of 1943 to July of 1944 as they ship out, train for, and participate in the Battle of Normandy and its aftermath.

People often ask me if Two Generals is a pro-war book or an anti-war book. I usually answer “neither,” although I expect the final twenty pages or so has probably kept many a younger reader away from the recruiting centre, at least for a while. As you may already know – or are about to learn – Two Generals is not about the politics of war. It's not about dates and numbers, nor is it about rifles and planes. It's about the human experience of war, both the parts that veterans can be proud of, and the parts they wish to forget. Things that are recognizable to any reader, no matter their level of knowledge of history. Fear. Boredom. Absurdity. Trauma. Death.

But above all else, it is a book about loyalty. To our brothers and sisters in arms. To each other.

And to the memories of our fallen friends.